Sabré Cook is Back!

I first meet Sabré back in 2018 while she was in Canada for some training. She was here a few times and I helped out with her track training and her work in the simulator. We were preparing her for the qualifications for the up and coming W-Series, a female only series racing in Europe. There were hundreds of young ladies applying for one of the 20 spots, so getting one of those seats was no easy task. We were thrilled when she was selected.

Her results were mixed but she was selected again for 2nd season. The W-Series grew rapidly in popularity and while the Pandemic shut down motorsports globally, the W-Series went online and continued racing in the virtual world. In 2021 though, motorsports returned and the W-Series returned also and even secured spots as a support race for F1. This included races in North America. But in 2021 the W-Series was developing a problem…a bad crash record, and several injuries.

A horrific multi-car crash at Spa saw six drivers checked for injuries with Ayla Agren and Beitske Visser sent to hospital. At the Circuit of the Americas, Abby Eaton suffered a crushed vertebra. But it was an incident in June 2021 at the Red Bull Ring that would put Cook’s racing on hold. She suffered a right hip labral tear, hip impingement, herniated L5, compressed L1 and L2, spinal canal narrowing, SI joint dysfunction, and sacroiliitis. She toughed it out though and finished the season. She was hurting but an improper diagnosis left her unaware of the extent of the damage, and obviously she wasn’t healing properly.

She was eventually properly diagnosed in the USA and halted her racing while she awaited surgery. Thanks to the efforts of OrthoIndy, her surgery done, and lots of physiotherapy, she was finally cleared to race again.

She is joining “Round 3 Racing” for the final two rounds of the World Racing League powered by Hagerty. She will be driving the #701 Cooper Tires Porsche Cayman on October 28-30th for the eight-hour double-header at Sebring International Raceway, before the season finale at Circuit of the Americas. She’ll be joined by co-drivers Loni Unser and Zack Ping.

“I’m so ready to race again and thrilled to join Round 3 Racing for my first two races back after recovering from my injury,”
-Sabré Cook