New Hope for 5th Scale RC Racing in Ontario

After the Canadian RC Nationals of 2018, the 5th Scale community fell into a slump. The Canadian RC Nationals are held at Walton Raceway, which is first and foremost a MotoCross track and only used by the 5th Scale RC

Coaching Available

He’s not your typical driving instructor. Remedial training of average drivers, up to advanced skills, winter driving, government & Corp, Police & Military and racing…

Shaun de Jager Returns to Motorsports

After over a decade away from competitive motorsports, Shaun de Jager is making a come back. Currently he is doing a lot more coaching and driver development (training kids in gokarts as well as more seasoned drivers on track and

Canadian Nationals 2018 – 1/5th Scale Offroad RC Racing

How can a weekend of camping and racing be so disappointing and wonderful at the same time? Here’s how… I’m a total newbie when it comes to RC cars. I’ve owned a couple toy ones as a kid but earlier