Shaun de Jager Returns to Motorsports

After over a decade away from competitive motorsports, Shaun de Jager is making a come back.

Currently he is doing a lot more coaching and driver development (training kids in gokarts as well as more seasoned drivers) on track and in simulators.

He’s also taken up RC racing as a hobby (8th scale electric and gas powered 5th scale). This allows him to keep his mind and reflexes sharp for when he personally takes to the track again in a full sized race car.

For 2022, Shaun hopes to return to the drivers seat. He will have to start off at the Regional level and work his way back up through the ranks over time. The racing scene has changed since he’s been away, so he will have to figure it out just a Rookie would, although he’ll have the advantage of experience...

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New Driver: Ryder Brown

I recently had the pleasure of meeting 12 year old Ryder Brown and his father Jeff at the Mosport Karting Centre located at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Ontario, Canada. I instantly liked them both and agreed to take a look at his driving over the weekend. As a coach who has worked with some amazing drivers over the years, I’m not easily impressed by skill alone, but this young man showed remarkable smoothness behind the wheel.

Ryder has been racing karts since he was seven and at the time of meeting him, he was leading the championship in Briggs Junior Lite. Considering he hasn’t had any proper coaching, he’s doing quite well and it is clear that he has some natural talent. He’s shown excellent consistency with his lap times and he really shines in wet condition...

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New Hope for 5th Scale RC Racing in Ontario

After the Canadian RC Nationals of 2018, the 5th Scale community fell into a slump. The Canadian RC Nationals are held at Walton Raceway, which is first and foremost a MotoCross track and only used by the 5th Scale RC racers that one weekend a year. So it’s not a venue we can just go and race at or practice on whenever we want. The only track we could use was RCAcres. The owner of that track had pumped up our hopes about doing an Eastern Championship but then…nothing. Without any announcement or other communication, he walked away quietly to follow other interests. He wouldn’t even entertain the idea of allowing the community to organize events at his track. Not even at a cost. And so, over night, the 5th Scale RC communitty of racers had nowhere to go...

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Canadian Nationals 2018 – 1/5th Scale Offroad RC Racing

How can a weekend of camping and racing be so disappointing and wonderful at the same time? Here’s how…

I’m a total newbie when it comes to RC cars. I’ve owned a couple toy ones as a kid but earlier this year, I saw some friends driving their 1/5th scale, gas powered RC cars, and took a liking to it big time. Before I knew it, I found myself owning a used and hugely beat up HPI Baja 5B SS 2WD buggy with a bunch of spare parts.

The outdoor, off road, racing community is pretty well established but needs some serious organization. There aren’t a lot of venues to race at and running an event takes a huge amount of work and lots of volunteers. Even just practice days takes a lot of effort by the land owner to make sure the track is in race ready condition.

A couple months ago...

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