Sabré Cook is Back!

I first meet Sabré back in 2018 while she was in Canada for some training. She was here a few times and I helped out with her track training and her work in the simulator. We were preparing her for the qualifications for the up and coming W-Series, a female only series racing in Europe. There were hundreds of young ladies applying for one of the 20 spots, so getting one of those seats was no easy task. We were thrilled when she was selected.

Her results were mixed but she was selected again for 2nd season. The W-Series grew rapidly in popularity and while the Pandemic shut down motorsports globally, the W-Series went online and continued racing in the virtual world. In 2021 though, motorsports returned and the W-Series returned also and even secured spots as a support race for F1...

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Latifi Leaves Williams

As a Canadian, I really hoped that Nicholas Latifi would become the F1 driver that we could be proud of. Sure we also have Lance Stroll but he’s not exactly respected in the motorsports community. The other reason I hoped that Nicky would do well is because I helped with his coaching when he transitioned from F2 to F1. His driving coach is a good friend of mine so I was asked to help out on a few of his training days in Canada.

If his F1 performance was as great as his personality, he would be a contender for a top ride but alas, that isn’t the case. He really is a great guy. He’s easy to get along with and he’s well respected in the paddock. He’s also a darn good driver...

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Shaun de Jager Returns to Motorsports

After over a decade away from competitive motorsports, Shaun de Jager is making a come back.

Currently he is doing a lot more coaching and driver development (training kids in gokarts as well as more seasoned drivers) on track and in simulators.

He’s also taken up RC racing as a hobby (8th scale electric and gas powered 5th scale). This allows him to keep his mind and reflexes sharp for when he personally takes to the track again in a full sized race car.

For 2022, Shaun hopes to return to the drivers seat. He will have to start off at the Regional level and work his way back up through the ranks over time. The racing scene has changed since he’s been away, so he will have to figure it out just a Rookie would, although he’ll have the advantage of experience...

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