Coaching & Training

Shaun de Jager has been an Advanced Driving Instructor for well over a decade; from remedial instruction for average drivers, right up to advanced skills, winter driving skills, Tactical driving for Police and military, and performance driver training and coaching for AutoSlalom and race tracks. He’s assisted up and coming race car drivers get closer to reaching their goals and dreams.

In his partnership with a renowned racing coach, de Jager is helping car enthusiasts up their game at the amateur level and helping racers at the Professional level rise up the charts.

Professional F1 Simulator

Whether you’re interested in racing in AutoSlalom, Time Attack, Regionals or racing at the Pro level, it’s essential that you get the right training. From the basic foundations of race craft all the way up to Formula 1, our experience in training drivers goes all the way to the top. Using our specially prepared Subaru BRZ ts with on-board data acquisition and telemetry, we can take your skills further.

Our simulator is also part of our advanced training program for professional race car drivers who are looking to advance their skills and develop familiarity with the top Formula 1 tracks around the world. You will learn from driving and racing coaches who know what it takes to win.

To be the best you need the best tools and teaching methods available to do the job.